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Post Subject: Ortofon MC Anna cartridge “Inspired” by NetrebkoPosted by Romy the Cat on: 6/21/2011

It was kind of strange news:

“This year we are very proud and honoured to introduce our new High End cartridge MC Anna, dedicated to the virtuoso opera singer Anna Netrebko.”

I need to say that I feel a bit surprised.  I was under impression that Netrebko does well beside to license herself to hi-fi manufactures. However, it was not the main point of my surprise.

What I found interesting is that hi-fi manufactures employ the “stars” to push own product. When some kind of cable maker grant to a new product a name Berlioz Super-Shielded then we kind of accustom to this idiocy. But to use a fame of still-alive perfumer as a marketing transport – let agree it happens seldom in High-end audio. Bose is famous for promoting its products by famous musicians but they are off the game as they send the audio industry to hell long time ago and run this own show. I did not see anybody else do it.

I wonder if the move that Ortofon took will open some kind of Pandora box for high-end manufactures chasing the famed music people and make their fame to work for them. My prediction is that it will not happened as high-end can’t feed them, simply there is no money in high-end. Still, I might be wrong and high-end might start the games they played 120 years back. It is interesting to see where the Ortofon new move will lead and if it has any following.

Rgs, Romy the Cat

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