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Post Subject: I have fixed my second tonearm/cartridge, guess how?Posted by Romy the Cat on: 6/16/2011

Yep, I fixed it. If does sound very good now, exactly how it has to be. It turns out that my suspicion were correct: my Micro’s fat cable has died on me.  I absolutely assure you that no one would believe that a regular phono cable able to introduce dynamic compression to such a huge degree.  It was.

For my Second arm I use Micro 282 arm with heavy titanium J wand and SPU Classic needle.  It is not end of the world configuration but it is very stable and very all around musical set. Micro a bit duller then 3012 in bass (nothing can touch 3012 in bass) and a bit dryer. It is good reading arm and it read anything very nicely. The SPU Classic is not too demanding cartridge and with this arm if is very comfortable set that gives a very nice all together sound for dally playing.  I sill would toss out the Micro 282  and put another 3012 ever for dally arm but I have 4 interchangeable wands for Micro 282 with different needles. Micro wands are great- they hold own VTF and to place another want in use is a matter of seconds – this is why I keep the Micro 282.

The Micro 282 has this stupid phono 5-pin DIN output and I use Micro Fat cable that I found was surprisingly good. Now the cable pretty much destroyed the whole sound for the arm. Why?

A few year back I re-terminated the Micro cable and instant or 30 years rusty RCA connectors I put the contemporary good RCA jack.  The jacks did not have the mechanism to be fixed to the cable besides the soldering and I used the regular silicon from Home Depot. The sound of the cable did not change. However, now it sounded unbelievably compressed (!!!). So, what happened apparently is the Home Depot silicon has derided and for whatever reason it killed my Sound.

The reason why I bought a new cable and begin to suspect the cable and it silicon thing is because something similar happened with me 10 years back or so. I had borrowed from dealer at that time a Kondo phono cable, the special one that goes from cartridge directly to phonostage bypassing the tonearm wire. The cable was 1M of standard Kondo phono cable and then 1m of ultra light wire to work with arm and do not screw up the arm setting. It was about $3k or something like this. The dealer had it used and offer to me for $1K, I decided to try as I always would like do not use the tonearm wire and connectors. While I was playing with it accidently pulled the thin wire and fucked the cable. So, I gave the dealer his money and was sinking what to do with it as I did not like the sound if it anyhow. I cut off the thin wire, terminated the cut side with another pair of RCAs and made 1M Kondo RCA-RCA interconnect. I did not have right RCA males and I used whatever I have in my hand, filling the space inside the RCA jack with fast drying silicon and skew over the final RCA jack cover atop.  When I played the cable I was shocked – it was such a spectacular sound that I never heard from cable.  In a few month the sound from the cable died with the very same effect – it begin to do dynamic compression as no tomorrow. I was trying to open the RCA jack to refresh the silicon but it was sealed for good. So, I got rid of the cable for some kind Kondo devotee and moved over.  At that time I did not generalized on the result but the sound that I heard from my siliconed Fat Micro cable made me to wonder…


So, apparently dry silicon brings absolute death to Sound, go figure…. I need to try to use dry silicon on Republicans now…

The Cat

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