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Post Subject: More Micro Seiki MAX 282 QuestionsPosted by George on: 11/2/2005

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What a lovely picture.

Hi Romy,

Many thanks for the valuable information. By fingerlift I mean that piece of metal sticking out about 1" (1/8" wide) at the extreme left end of the pipe. It is attached by two screws to the pipe. It looks easily removable but I have not tried it. I imagine it is possible that it could have an effect on the sound--everything else seems to.

I forgot about the order on the Audio Technica. I observed the dumbness too but it is so much better built than the others. The order, even though it would be better the other way around, may be not be that bad. I mean that since the roller is wider than the brush, the brush will kick up the dirt, spew it on the record surface, leave it there for a rotation, then the trailing outer half of the roller will pick it up. The things we talk about Smile.

I looked at the arm again and I am afraid I am going to be very dense about azimuth adjustment. I don't see how to do it. Could you please elaborate when you have time? I could find nothing in the manual.

If I wish to experiment about how much weight do you add and where? I couldn't see any additional weight in the picture.

Thanks again,

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