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Post Subject: Micro Seiki MAX 282 QuestionsPosted by George on: 11/2/2005

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Hello Romy,

I have been using the Max 282 with a Koetsu Urushi Platinum .2mV the last 6 months with excellent results to my ears. I have a few mundane questions that I could use some help with.

I am using the fixed headshell "pipe." Have you found any workarounds to set the azimuth? One could use the J-arm with an adjustable azimuth headshell as an alternative.

My arm came without a damping through and the pipes without damping arrows. I was able to purchase a an original through later. Is is worth the effort to try and make an arrow for my setup?

Most Importantly Wink, I notice that you use the arm with the fingerlift attached. Have you ever tried it without the fingerlift attached?

In addition to recommending this arm, I must mention one other thing that I am very grateful to you for. You were very keen on the Micro Seiki Du Pus Extra "sweeper." I bought one and was so impressed at the dirt it picked up that I bought an assortment of the other makes and styles. I ended up, apparently as you did, with the Audio Technica. These things must have been very popular at one time. I ended up sticking with blue tac a penny sized brass footer plate on the end to lighten the "tracking force," works much better for me. I am using the roller dry. Have you tried any anti-static liquids on the roller?

Last question, how long does it take you to change pipes and make adjustments on the Max? I have an extra J-arm and of course just changing the pipe is easy enough. However, I found that resetting the tracking force (using the weight at the rear, not the dial) and VTA to be cumbersome to my fairly clumsy

Thanks for your help,

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