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Post Subject: My playback: what is next? A garage sale.Posted by Romy the Cat on: 5/20/2011

As the last few days I dealt with final idiosyncrasy of my lower bass it was the last stoke of brash at the canvas of my audio desires. The results I am getting the last month I think let me to close my book on “design” aspect of my playback. I think I am over and I do feel that I did accomplish the best Sound I know of. Over the last few weeks when people visited me I, without any pretentious posing, informed them that in my estimation it is the most radical and advanced result from playback I feel contemporary audio can deliver. It is very much not ego statement, if you know what I mean.

So, since I have absolutely no further objectives with my playback, and absolutely no desire to deal with anything in playback any further I am planning to freeze all my activities with my playback. I might play with idea to build my Cetla Ledom 91 loudspeaker in my fireplace room but it will be no interaction of it with my main playback.

So, what I am thinking is to get rid of everything I have managed to accumulate over the last 10 years that made my playback possible but that I turn out do not use. I mean all those amplifiers, drivers, processors, converters, adaptors, cables, tonearm, tubes, record players, speakers, cartridges etc, et, etc …. many other auxiliary pieces of equipment and past s - I am planning to get rid all of it.  it is not monitory gain that drives me but rather my lack of desire to deal with it and my interest to free my mind from possessing all of it. In fact over the years it was always my intention sometime in future to get rid all of it, not I am in good mental shape of the “accomplisher” to do it.

So, over the course of the next month I will be dumpling my unused audio possessions. I think to bring a small track to MIT flea-market but I think my things are more specific than this. My site’s shameless commerce pages (“Some of my audio scraps left over from my previous projects”) do sell surprisingly well but only large items. So, most likely I will be damping the crap at eBay.

I feel very much liberated only to think about it.

Romy the Cat

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