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Post Subject: Take everything in consideration.Posted by Romy the Cat on: 5/16/2011
 T3GGG wrote:
Romy, what is your thought on using a Tractrix flare on a Midbass horn, Fc 140HZ then maybe a Le Cleah horn above, say 400hz. To me this looks on paper to be the best of both worlds and avoids the 1metre plus midbass Le Cleac'h horn.

I am putting together a set up such as this ATM.
Yes, to use no negative opening at midbass is always a good idea as La-profile is wordless at Midbass. You might run La-profile at your 400Hz midrange but you still will have 30% of space wasted for negative opening. At high frequency the negative opening is a good thing but here is what no one will ask you – how much practical benefit the negative opening will server and how much will it be compromised that your MF channel become much larger then it has to be? No one would answer this question and I am VERY convinced that it if you put Mr. Le Cleac'h himself and let him blindly to hear his La-profile form and Tractrix with the same driver then it will not be much difference. The La-profile is Tractrix + negative opening; it does work better at HF if you use only one driver but, in my view, if you a combination of multiple drivers per channel then La-profile become an impediment. Do not forget that it is not only you MF will be larger – you can overlap the negative opening of your La-profiles (which is very good). You tweeter, if you use it will be much further from you MF and much higher in your setup. If in case the Midbass/MF intersection you can overlap the negative opening of the neighboring horn then you can’t do it with tweeters as tweeters will be behind the MF to keep time alignment.

So, the point that I keep making is that whatever Mr. Le Cleac'h pitchers lock holistic vision of multichannel system. If a person use a single “full-range”  horn with yellow driver and W bass bin at the bottom then La-profile is fine, I think this is how Le Cleac'h  started advocate the advantage of the La-profiles. However, in context of multichannel in my view the advantages of La-profile are questionable.

What I call for is not listen Le Cleac'h or me but to make doings, circulate the space and distance and make you own judgment. You need to do a LOT of sketches (hand or by a commuter) and a lot of planning. We all have more or less the same rule – the main souses of MF/HF must be more or less at ears level or a very slightly higher. If you have your upperbass horn (140HZ is upperbass NOT midbass horn) sitting UNDER the MF then all your results are very predictable and conventional.

So, do you own planning. Rooms are different, the way how people ingrate playback into rooms are different. Take everything in consideration, not only some absentminded ideas that this of that is better.  It has to be practical better in context of your specific application and your specific configuration. But to get there you need to do pre-build planning of the entire acoustic system, not just one horn…

The Cat

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