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Post Subject: What to read in audio?Posted by Romy the Cat on: 5/14/2011

It is interesting, I kind of feel that I do not mind to get some subscription of some kind audio publication, would it be mail deliverer of internet delivered. I do not subscribe anything for a number of years sometime I do buy a magazine juts for an article that I am interested buy I did not do it for quite some times. As I said I do not mind to subscribe something.

I do not subscribe music magazines as well. The last that I did was British Classic Record Collector; love the articles there but it becomes a bit different in a new format. The music magazines all specialize on selling of CD and promoting of artist – I become too annoyed by this.
So, I was wondering what audio publication is worth to subscribe?

My main problem is not with the fact that existing audio publications not objective. I know enough about the idiots who publish and write for them to be able to read between the lines if I need and to get what I need. My problem is that all audio publication that I know are product oriented. I do have interest in new products but only as information. The 5-6 sentences of mention that this or that product become available is perfectly enough for me, the 6Moons news page does fulfill all my needs. However a subscribed audio publication is 200 pages, what I would like them to be filled?

As in anything else, prior to commit myself into something I would like to build requirements and specification if what I would like to get as a result. So, here it comes:

1) No product observations of any kind, in fact I would prefer products to be mentioned, if they need to be mentioned, by a special code that might be decoded somewhere else.

2) Articles about listening experiences and listening practice.

3) Articles about building of playback inhalations with aphesis to the thought process and reasoning behind the decisions made.

4) Analyses of tends and tendencies in sound reproduction.

5) Interview of advanced audio practitioners.

6) None-commercial incognito interview of audio manufactures.

7) Articles about correlation of audio and musical methods of expressivity.
You get the idea what I am looking for. I wonder if such an audio publication does exist out there….

Romy the Cat

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