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Post Subject: A deficiency of stimulating personalities.Posted by Romy the Cat on: 5/13/2011
Ironically one of the biggest shortcomings of the visitors that I have is their luck of attitude or well defined demands toward to what they about to hear. Most of the audio people when they deal with audio let audio to play the music in the way how it want and then they made judgment if they like it. This approach I always find absurd and it always annoys me. I feel that a person listening a playback shall have a very well formed opinion HOW he would like the playback to play the given music. If playback does it then it is great but if the playback doe not then the person shall have well identified what is wrong and what he would like to change. A person might not always know HOW to take sound from what it is to where he feels it has to be. In fact to investigate this “HOW” take 85% of time in audio. Still, a person has to have absolutely clear visualization how he wants the given music to sound.

When I go to hear other people playback I always bitch that it do not sound in the way how I want. To my surprise the audio people get upset and become defensive. If I see it of course I begin to stress them even more – we Cats are very good with it. However, the audio people are missing that not criticism has value but the underlying motivations that lead to the criticism. A clearly expressed reasons and pointing the specifics of decrement with the witnessed Sound make criticism not a criticism but rather correlation of reference points – what might be more interesting and more educational  then that?

A few months ago, I think I wrote it somewhere, I compiled a profile of a perfect visitor that I would like to invite. It would be a person who has his own vision how Sound shall sound and who listening what I offered would UNDERSTAND what I am trying to, be able to explain to me what I am trying to do and then explain to me what he find interesting for him in my sonic objectives and what he find is faulty in my Sound. Then, ONY then I will be interesting to talk about way HOW the things might be done differently.

I have to admit that I do not have a lot of stimulating visitors but I generally do not find a lot of stimulating individuals in audio….

The Cat

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