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Post Subject: The real AudiophilePosted by Stitch on: 5/13/2011
 Romy the Cat wrote:

When people visit me I ritually ask them to offer critiques to Sound they hear in my room...

What do you expect? Most  audiophiles have absolutely no idea from reproduction of the real thing. More or less they blabber something they have read in a magazine before. That question is interesting, when you have visitors who KNOW what is on the software, who KNOW something of tonality, of space, of mastering the records, how they were recorded and so on.

Most Audiophiles I know rate something out of their stomach. They "like" something. Any conversation with them is ultra boring and like rolling a dice. When you know something, made something outstanding and your System is definitely different in sound reproduction than 95% of the usual ear cancer Systems, then there is only 1 listener interesting for you:

The one who owns a System - or units - you are interested to listen to ....

I never listened to System which moved me, or made me stay longer than 1 min, which had a LP12, Schroeder Arm, Idler Drive... as main source, or Mark Levinson, Burmester, Pass Electronics and the other way, no owner from really outstanding Systems (for my kind of Standard) had any of these units.

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