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Post Subject: What is relevant.Posted by Romy the Cat on: 5/11/2011
 Serge wrote:
Okay, I see your point, though I feel there is something wrong about magnets in the MC catridge's vicinity. I will have arguments later, probably.
Now we can look at it differently. Remember direct drive? A motor sits right below the platter and emits a lot of electromagnetic garbage through it. Could it be one of the reasons that direct drive sounds incoherent and muddy?

Serge, a motor that sits right below the platter is enclosed in a metal can, why would it emits a electromagnetic garbage. BTW, years back when I was running non-shielded bare wises directly from the cartridge to a postage I did asked myself this question: does Motor enclosure of my TT affect anything electromagnetically. I had actually two turns of non-shielded and non-twisted wires to wind around my motor. There was absolutely no auditable effect or any kind. The only noise that I was able to pick up was nose that was coming from power cable to motor. So, I do feel that your preoccupation with “electromagnetic garbage” is a bit overstuffed. It is not that I insist that it is imposable – there are plenty foolish TT out there. However, if a TT was designed by a person with understanding of what she/he is doing then I do not think that electromagnetic from motion is a factor.

I do not know if direct drive sounds incoherent and muddy. They might, I did not experimented with them a lot. I had only one good direct drive TT (Micro Seiki) but I did not pay too much attention to it sound.  There are some direct drive TTs that claim that direct drive is more superiors then anything else. I do not buy it but I would also admit that we do not deal with topology general but with the specific implementation of the given topology. So, it is possible that a given specific TT, with the way HOW the things are done in this TT might have some problem but it will be no topological problem, but a result of specific blinders of this given design.

I personally tend to use TT with heavy platters and I feel that if a platter is substantially heavy then there is no different how you would drive the platter. Put a platter of 100kG then you will never recognize HOW the platter was pushed. So, all of these conversation about platters and way to drive them are for light platters, for heavy platter it is all become less and less relevant, up to the point of being irrelevant.

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