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Post Subject: How Much Best?Posted by Paul S on: 4/12/2011
Gordan, you may be aware that I have blabbed quite a bit about the Lowthers at this site.  The problems with getting the best from the Lowther are not really that different from optimizing other drivers via networks and other range-limiting strategies.  If to de-whizzer the Lowther, ease it in about 440 Hz, then roll it off at 6 bB from 2k Hz, then you would mostly get its "best", apart from the need to put a cotton ball or something in front of it to try to shape the still-jagged top end that remains.  Meanwhile, the matter of a satisfying balance of frequency response versus harmonic and transient presentation remains, and not everyone will be indefinitely satisfied with a "tamed beast".  Unfortunately, the Lowther loses much of its theorectical (and actual) appeal when targeted as a narrow-range driver.

As I have written, I have finally gone the way of notch filters + Zobel.  Despite theoretical disadvantages, this approach has gotten the most from my own Lowthers in terms of sound, and using them wide-range - with all their remaining problems - has proven a better compromise for me than further chopping up the sound spectrum with more drivers.

The Alnico Lowthers have a smoother response than the DX4, but they also lack "weight" by comparison, and IMO this is a major consideration in dealing with any of these small "full-range" drivers.  I understand that some favor horns as a "solution" to Lowther balance problems; but I can't get past the sonic issues introduced by the horns, themselves.

Maybe this post should be moved to the Lowther thread?

Best regards,
Paul S

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