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Post Subject: Bravo Brahms, Bravo Wand, Bravo Sony!!!Posted by Romy the Cat on: 3/21/2011
I have a box set of Günter Wand conducts his North German Radio SO with 4 Brahms symphonies. It is celebrated recording from beginning of 80s. I like it but it always sound to me like play critical mass of Brahms without any finesse-Brahms. My version if from 2001, the special edition 96/24 re-mastered…

Last week I bought in UK a new Sonny release of the same performance, but I bought only 3 and 4 symphonies that I feel Wand plays better than first and second. I got it as it is some kind of new Sony Masters Series from 2010 and I was wondering what the hell it was.

I got it today and I literally did not recognize the Wand play and the NGR sound. It was so surprisingly wonderful that I played the CD twice and still was sorry that I stopped. Taking about the finesse sounding Brahms!!! It has right dynamics, it has right tone, it has very proper presentation of micro events, it just sounds spectacular. It does not have that boom-tzza-tzza Brahms with mosquito-thin stings and generic lower end belching. It is well balanced and when clarinets play with cellos then they sound like musical intimates but not like somebody wipe wooden table with old newspaper. Where all that sound was before!!!!!!!!!!

The answers is the apparently Sony did read my site. Do you remember I pritched for years that any sound engineer that does mastering at 96/24 (or any 48x) and then releases CD at 44X need to be put to death? Here is come – the new Sony Masters Series from 2010 is the case to prove it - the new 2010 CDs are mastered at 88.2kHz. 



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