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Post Subject: Euro Tire WeightsPosted by Paul S on: 3/14/2011

Some time ago I got a bunch of Euro-style tire weights, which I have long used to add mass to my tonearms (at the headshell).  This style of weight is thin lead strips of nominal 7g sections, each of which has peel-and-stick self-adhesive.  Strips and/or sections can be cut cleanly with tin snips.  Some tire stores have these lead strips.

If trying to counteract/balance added headshell mass, I have found that it is well to fasten a compact tail mass (eg, lead) snugly to the tail, so it cannot wiggle independent of the arm. I have preferred a snug poly sleeve (or such like) between the arm and the weights, as opposed to the usual naked metal set screw.  Anyway, independent wiggling of the counterweight is certainly not good for the sound, as I first seriously discovered when playing with a stock Rega arm, which stock counterweight jiggles away on rubber o-rings.

Caveats, however; there is such a thing as too much mass, and it is possible to get the too-heavy counterweight too close to the pivot, especially with static-balance arms.

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