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Post Subject: Show it.Posted by Romy the Cat on: 3/5/2011

T3GGG, I think the finishing of walls, ceilings and the rest things shall be less of your concern now. Sine you are not familiar with the horns you plan to build it might be a bit tricky to you to evaluate all pitfalls and opportunities that your given plane might have.  You need to start from the main 4 reference point

1)      Location of speakers

2)      Location of listening spot

3)      Location of equipment

4)      Location of bass horns

After you nail down all of it at your plan then, ONLY then, you might think about other things.

Try to visuals what you are trying to say via some sketching program as you said – it is very difficult to communicate otherwise.  I find that free Google Sketchup

is very useful and even fun to us.

The Cat

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