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Post Subject: Interior wallsPosted by T3GGG on: 3/5/2011
The visual element of the brief shoyld be able to be achieved by doing thing nicely, thought out and with good materials.

I am aware of the no parallel walls and this may well be utilised into the design. A simple stud wall, set inside the perimeter wall on a slight angle should achieve this, and add decoupling form the outside areas.
Last night whilst out to see a comic I walked past a commercial building, for aesthetics (and quite possibly to containg structural beams) it had blade "nibs" running vertically up the internal walls, around 220mm out from the wall and 120mm wide, approx every 1500mm. This detail was striking and could help my room I assume. This side wall detail could be amended to add some horizontal elements, possibly for storage.

This is the Aesthetic look I am aiming for, where the design is practical and pleasing to look at.

I have spent many evening reading "midbass horns and realestate", this is partly to blame for my current will to build again:-)

The room will be downstairs, due to the fact there will be a concrete slab there and also upstairs will contain the master bedroom and main living areas, to get the ocean, hills and city views.

The ceiling will have to be flat, but I saw at the local theatre their room treatment is a pattern of different sized pieces of timber, fixed ito a grid pattern with multiple angles. this is both effective and stunning to look at. This is an option for my ceiling.

Having never hear horns, similar to what I plan to build, how much room around them would be required? I need to get an idea so I can look at where to place the bass horn.

Unfortunately the bas horn will not be able to go directly above the main speakers, aatleast not firing down as there will be living areas above. The idea of utilising the last metre of the room for two horns (up against the rear wall) looks neat however I assume the placement of thes channel behind the main horns will lead to time alignment issues.

There are several French designs where they have been built into a raised floor area, this may be better for time alignment but looks annoying and I wouldnt be able to relax with a raised "stage" infront of me. I do like the idea of bilding this in a bulkhead, directly above the main horns and being a new build a structural beam or two could easily be implemented.

I now need to learn a simple sketching program so i can get these ideas down, and share them rather than post long, rather random posts.

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