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Post Subject: LEDs, LEDs, LEDs my lovePosted by N-set on: 3/3/2011
LED facade:


Mind blowing!

One thing is LED in the circuit as an indicator lamp or, say, SS bias and another is a LED bulb.
The bad element in the bulb is the RF generator. The LEDs in the bulbs are not fed with DC or line freq. but with
RF square wave. Sometimes the RF signal may get so strong that it burns the PCB traces.
A friend of mine is designing now such a converter for some minor local
manufacturer. Before he even starts looking at the scope/SA to evaluate the trash,
he puts a radio next to bulb to listen to it. But of course if you don't detect any sound
problems under all conditions (and the last point is important) the subject is closed.

Multielement leds are trash light-wise and also efficiency wise. I've tried some of those bulbs and sent them all back.
What I've found reasonable are high power leds with the chip from a good manufacturer (cree, etc).
AFAIK, the chip itself produces a UV or close to UV light which exites a phosporous element. The light from this secondary emission
is what we get. The better the phosphor the better the light. I've came across two basic white tones:
 2700K which I truly hate with it's olive tone or cool 6400K, which I guess is a very good choice for the "analytical looking" like
the analog rituals require.I've heard there are also daylight 4000-5000K LEDs but have never tried them.
Remote controlled LED strips are fantastic! I've lit my concrete bookshelves with them and the lightshow
is phenomenal! Can only imagine how the whole building must look like!

Still, at the end of a day, spending 10-12h a day everyday working with my eyes (reading, writing) I cannot tolerate
anything apart from halogen light for work, but that's very personal I guess.


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