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Post Subject: That First generations of LEDs...Posted by Romy the Cat on: 3/3/2011
 N-set wrote:
I'm not sure if yoy are aware of the fact that LED bulds have small but powerfull voltage
converters inside operating at 40kHz or so, RF poluting the room and the lines. better avoid than filter.
Halogen bulbs (halogen element packed in a normal bulb enclusure) are of course nowhere
close in efficiency  (although from my limited experience
LED efficiency is greatly, GREATLY overblown) but are cleaner and IMHO give much better light.

Yes, N-set, it is know from past times that LED do pollute electricity. If you remember 15 years back there was a lot of talk about it and some of manufactures even made public statement the they do not use LED but instead the micro light bulbs as a prove that they care about sound so much. That all might be very much correct but the question that I ask remains the same: when electricity is good and you use your all bad LED loaded electronics then where the horrible LED influence evaporates?

I am planning another day to make a test of sound with and without light over TT. I have a LOT of dimmers in my hoe and I use them VERY aggressively. Trust me the SS dimmer crap sound like a few bullion LED would not do and it is even very clearly measurable. Still, decupling playback with P2000 I with all honesty did not detect that my dimmer impact sound in any tangible way.

Funny, I so much like them that bought a few more type of those powerful LED Flood Light Bulbs. To my surprise not all of them were producing nice and light. In fact the only first one that has a single LET has even light of a good color temperature. The Bulbs with 4-5 LEDs that I got have some freakish colorful spots in the lit area – I find them less usable.

The biggest problem with Flood Light Bulbs that I have discovered is they are dimmable by SS but in wrong way. You can dim them but you can’t turn them on in dimmed state. It means that you need to max them out, turn them on and then dim them – not comfortable at all. I still us my single LED Flood Light Bulb over my TT, I like it is very bright and very cold. The multi-LED Flood Bulbs I use to lit the surface of the record in my record washing machine – I also love to have a lot of light in there.

In one way of other we are dealing with very first generations of LED Flood Light Bulbs, I am sure they will get better and cheaper with time.

Rsg, Romy the Cat

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