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Post Subject: Hunting for cluesPosted by tuga on: 3/1/2011
 haralanov wrote:
Quote taken from here:

 Jeen wrote:
бас- спаренные драйвера GOTO, нагруженные на 45-герцовый рупор (длина 3.6 м)
Диапазон - 50 - 200 Гц
Среднечастотный рупор (200 - 12000Гц). Динамик Руллита на подмагничивании.
Твитер Fostex T-500 AMK-II

Judging by the chronology of the photos, obviously the first change in the system was the midrange channel. It seems the guy found some sonic faults in his goto compression midrange (and his tweeter channel too) and then changed them with a wideband quasi horn loaded driver. At the moment of this change, the goto supertweeter is still there:

For some unknown reasons, he later decided to change it with the sharp and artificial sounding fostex supertweeter. What might be his motivation? Logically appears the following question – is that Goto supertweeter so horribly sounding??

I wonder if his record collection might serve as an indication...


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