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Post Subject: A Moscow setup with Horns/LowtherPosted by Romy the Cat on: 2/27/2011

Here is an interesting setup. It is nowhere in Moscow Russia. I did not hear it but it does not mean that we can’t analyze what the authored was trying to accomplish.

Horns_Lowthe_ Setup_2.jpg

Horns_Lowthe_ Setup_1.jpg

It is 3-way installation. Bass looks like dual Goto driver in a J-horn with 35-40Hz mouth. The horn looks like too short for it rate. Also it is not know if the Goto drivers are tunable for this specific horn. From what I heard from Goto people they do not even understand the concept of driver resonance and none of Goto systems I read about even mention the Fs of Goto drivers. So, most the Morons just load off the shelf Goto drives into whatever they use and then feel that if they pay so much for drivers than it shall not sound like crap. In contrary I do know that this approach does lead to very unsophisticated bass.

The twitter is some kind Fostex, probably 900 or 9000, which is fine.

The mid range of course is the most interesting – it is 8” Lowther loaded into a short horn. So, basically it is a direct radiator. I am know to be not a big fan of Lowther but this Moscow guy is looks like trying to do something interesting. I think he has small room and listen in very nearfield position. I made this conclusion from the way how he alight the Tweeter to MF. If you paid attrition the tweeter sits on the curve that focuses very close to the speaker. It is hard to estimate from the picture but if the Fostex has the cone on the back then we are looking at ~8 feet. This says that the playback does not need to pump pressure for 1000 sq feet room and Lowther might be not overly horrible.

As I motion before Lowther might be very good in VERY limited bandwidth and with going too low. My estimate was that it might be 700-800Hz and room is not too large.  I do not know where the Moscow guy low passes his Lowther. If he goes lower then 700-800Hz then he might not listen complex music. If he does cross it there then the question how he can drive his bass horn so high? My estimate is that this type of bass horn is good for no higher than 400-500Hz. However, the Moscow guy uses his MF channels as phase plug for his bass horn, effectively extending the HF of his bass horn. This is elegant idea in my view.

Still, I think that it is a bit a half ass solution. The guy obviously have recourses, interest and desire to get the things right. To have the things done right he needs to put an extra upper bass channel above his bass mouth. He has an excellent space for it. If he introduce let say 200-800hz additional cannel then he would be able to use Lowther MUCH more sparingly at lower knee and will have MUCH better control over the room loading and now he is pretty much is a hostage of a chance.

BTW, pay attention to the wall finish – the exposed rock; this is a phenomenal room treatment.

Rgs, Romy the Cat

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