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Post Subject: Second Sound from Daily Arm? Why?Posted by Romy the Cat on: 2/27/2011
After more than 10 years of using the Micro Seiki MAX-282 tonearm I realized that if it is my second stereo arm then why I presume it shall have Second Sound? I have properly performing mono and stereo arms and I have a dally arm. The Daily arm is a stereo arm that I play casually, sometime not overly clean, records. So, effectively I am just preserving my best cartridge by this. Still, why my Daily Arm shall not produce better sound if I listen this arm most of the time? Trully, 70% of time that I use my TT I use my Daily Arm…

My Daily Arm arm, the MAX-282, is very comfortable positioned at my TT and it itself is very comfortable arm to deal with. Sonically it is not as wonderful as 3012 but it real close with have AU wand. I never was able to get proper sound from it with other two type straight wands but this heavy titanium curved wand does very well. I use with my Daily Arm Ortofon Classic Stereo needle and since the arm is very heavy I do not add anything to it. The straight wand might do OK of I add a LOT of mass to them, but I do not have other cartridges that would deserve it. My Ortofon Classic and my still alive Shelter 901, both do fine on curved wand AU wand.

There are a few problems with MAX-282 arm in this configuration. The curved arm kills 1 g of anti-skating. The Ortofon Classic play at near 4g and it made MAX-282 not able to develop more than 3g anti-skating. The MAX-282 us a watch spring for anti-skating and there is no way to add more to it. So, I would like to add the SME type of anti-skating and I would like to have it adjustable. I would like also to have some kind of VTA gauge as I have a lot of space in there.

I have made a few experiments with it and have some results. Later on I will post some pictures and observations of results.

The Cat

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