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Post Subject: A nice solution foundPosted by Romy the Cat on: 2/23/2011

I found very nice solution for my TT light.  What I discovered is that I do not like those light and flimsy lights that I have tried but I like the regular heavy bench light fixture. In addition they are very easy to position to light up the TT under any angle. The problem with them that they do not have a truly narrow lighting pattern and if I want to have really bright spot on my TT then I need to run 100-200W bulb on them that create a Lot of heat on the TT surface.

What I discovered last weekend in Home depot was the new type of LED Flood Light Bulbs. I never used them before but they are absolutely fantastic for my purpose.

There are great variety of them and some of them are very very narrow. I got a few of them and I end up with 8W bulb (believe me or not) the reportedly give light as much as 60W bulb. In my estimation it very much might be true – from a feet and a half from platter it gives VERY bright spot and has practically no hit. The color temperature does not feel annoying and everything else is wonderful as well.

An addition benefit is that threat the LED Flood Light Bulb is really is point source light (I use the one with one single LED) and it gives a very nice and very contrasty reflection of the record surface on the low ceiling on my equipment bay, I can clearly see where is the tonearm on the record and if the record has the center hole off center. Very comfortable.


I think those new LED Flood Light Bulbs shall trigger a creation of the new type of fixture to host them. If the LED Flood Light Bulb were a bit more indented into own body they might be wonderfully used without any externa;l reflactor ans the have no back or side light on it’s own.

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