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Post Subject: An absolutely ridicules "fix".Posted by Romy the Cat on: 2/22/2011

I today was abusing my damn Second arm, trying to get my bass back from it. It was not that it had no bass but it was very shallow and very different bass. It had a feeling that it was not from there, it was almost as some kind of time delay in bass. The bass lived by it’s own live vs. the rest of the music lived by its own. It was also very shallow and too springy. I am accustomed to slow, wide bass, here it was fast, shallow and with subjectively with good chunk of second harmonic eaten.

I was taking with a few people today about getting new phono cable but I did not find anything inspiring. Still I remember that the cable worked before and I accented myself on the arm. I reassembled it, cleaned, lubricated, played and sacrificed a Chicken. Nothing worked and I was so pissed that I took the dam Micro arm out of my TT. I felt that I will live with 3 arm and will get rid of my Micro arm, thankfully to the Morons like Romy The Cat the prices for Max 282 arm are shooting very high. Still, that interest what was wrong did ate me and was looking, looking, looking at it and without any sensible reasons I decided to mount the same arm on the Micro double-poll armboard AX-7G. I have a few and this one was made specifically for MAX 282 arm. There is no need to do any adjustment with AX-7G – it was made for MAX 282 – there is whole in the middle and I juts damped the arm in there with Denon 103M wand.

As I played in a very first bar on the very first record I instantly knew that the problem was gone – I had my bass and I had all the music coming alone with it. OK, what was wrong, I asked. Before I used the double-poll AX-7G armboard I use the original Micro AX-6G that was also heavy bronze armboard and made for the same 282 arm. I know all those armboard and I have set them up many times – I have on my plinth making how the need to be used. 

So, then I did something that a normal person shall not do – I took the AX-7G armboard out, put back my Micro AX-6G, took the Micro original mounting template and mount the single-poll AX-6G armboard again. I have no bass again. I said “Fuck it!” I eat the sacrificed chicken; I put back my double-poll armboard and said to myself that this armboard it will die in here. So, effectively I converted my TT to 3-arm TT as the AX-7G armboard take two mounting polls. Well, let it be so. 3-arms is what I use anyhow: mono, stereo and dally stereo.


I still have no explanation what my other armboard does not work. It shall not be such a huge different between the armboards, in fact it much not be any difference at all. The way how Micro mount the armboard they all the same – even the material of the armboards: bronze, gun metal of aluminum - shall not have any difference, at least I did not see it before. Still, it was a lot on difference in this my specific case. I have no explanation.

The puzzled Cat

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