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Post Subject: Two write ups about the CESPosted by Romy the Cat on: 1/27/2011

Go today two emails from the site readers with two links to the CES comments.

First one is from Jeffrey Jackson who looks like was recruited by Joe the Uninvolved Archeologist with the room:

The second link is to the Federated Mike:

You need to scroll down and it will be a lot of clickable high-res pictures. Mike did not write any comment and it was pretty much nothing to look in there besides one intriguing moment. In the article about the new Lamm ML2.2: 

I have wrote that knowing what ML2 input stage is I feel that it is highly possible that the claimed modification of ML2.2’s input stage to “make it to sound like ML3” is a pure BS. Thanks to the Federated Mike who posted a high res picture of the “new” ML2.2. To the best of my memory I see absolutely no difference in PCB the traces between old ML2 and the new ML2.2. Lamm might stop to use garbage output transformer that he used to use in ML2.1 and not he declares it is “improvement”.  Sorry, I do not believe in anything Lamm produced after ML2.0. Whatever Lamm did after 2001 was already “not there”….

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