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Post Subject: It was reported that it was GIP Labs.Posted by Romy the Cat on: 1/15/2011

It was reported, and I do not know how accurate it is, that Silbatone did not use WE driver but used a Japanese replica by GIP.

It does not make any different to me as I equally not family with nether WE or GIP. The entire setting is still very much WE-inspired and has a number of fatal blunders in my view. Sure it would be interesting to hear what TTH those drivers are capable but I would need much more to get stimulating Sound then to recognize that those things do not sound like Kharma.  I do not know what kind sound Silbatone demonstrated but I hope whatever objectives they had they fulfill.

It would be generally interesting to learn about the gip-laboratory product. I do not know anything about them. Is it just WE replica or then do something more intelligent? The most important what diaphragms they used? Do they have English presence on web?

The Cat

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