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Post Subject: Notable but not stimulating….Posted by Romy the Cat on: 1/10/2011
 jeff1225 wrote:
…"whatever that means" is that most rooms at a trade show are not good. You know this Rommy, I've seen you write it in past posts.

Shure, Jeff, I know what most rooms, if not all, at a trade show are not suppose to be good but it sends not indication how appropriately Silbatone sounded. I got the messages that it was better than others, but let agree that if I during my one hour driving accidently kill  just one pedestrian then it will make me better driver then you (who let say killed 3 pedestrians) but it would not make me to be a good driver. Would it?

I would not press you to give some feedback about Silbatone as I have kind of reduced interest to the sound that Silbatone demonstrate. If Silbatone did something themselves, even as primitive as to mimic WE, then it would be interesting.  But they did not, they juts brought old speaker and played them somehow, it is not stimulating in my view, notable but not stimulating…. BTW, years back I wrote that for show in Vegas it is very important to bring speakers that do not go over 12K or under 55K, any speaker with this characteristics in Vegas always sound better then “any other room in the show”. Pay attention: the monitors sound better in Vegas then full-ranges, and if people are not Morons then they roll off the Monitor’s tweeters very aggressively. Years back, when the Morons did not know me by face, I cursed some CES the rooms with monitors with a roll of toilet paper, wrapping the toilet paper around tweeter. It was very important to manage to do it before the kick you out of room…
 jeff1225 wrote:
I like that Silbatone was trying to demonstrate to the "Wilson Audio" crowd that vintage horns can surpass the latest multi-driver cones.

I would very much argue with it. Please, separate the "Wilson Audio crowd” as a social-audio symbol and Wilson Audio as symbol of “latest multi-driver cones”. Silbatone did nothing then to demonstrate Silbatone’s “somethingness”, I do not know what they demonstrated. To get a room and to bring all of it from Korea, Silbatone spent ~50K, not a huge amount of money but tangible considering that it has no-impact besides a few tangent people like me and you mention it in internet. 

The Cat 

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