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Post Subject: The name is the nameless speaker -Silbatone Acoustics.Posted by Romy the Cat on: 1/9/2011

 Romy the Cat wrote:
I wonder if any new interning horns ideas are present at CES. There is a post at the hi-fi-heroin site:

… that depicts a new speaker. I kind of like it and don’t.  It is 3-way speaker at the bottom it has push-pull looks like 15” drivers. In front it has a very shallow horn give probably one-three dB at 200Hz. There is back exit from that 15”. I would estimate 80-70Hz. The speaker has those wings from 30s that shall pouch some additional upperbass forward. This configuration is of cause is self-defeatable for the driver. On the top there is some kind of 12 multicell with exit of at least 150Hz. I think a MF driver live in this horn but the horn is very strange.  It flat and has no curve, it means the length of the middle pipe and the side pipes are different – not too kosher. The biggest problem that I with it is the relation between the size of the MF horn and the depth of the horn. This horn looks like 15” deep and will not provide any QE at all. It acts more like a diffuser, which might not too bad itself. Between the MF and bass channels there is a WE type tweeter with a pipe.

 I like in this speaker that whoever behind it was trying to do something different but I do not know that they accomplished.

The AUDIOVOX is buying KLIPSCH? Hmmm, so what? Klipsch long time ago stopped to be a company that deserves any interest from horn perspective. The only worthy their speakers were made in the end of 60s. In 80s they terminated their R&D for commercial division and in my view there was no Klipsch anymore. So, I feel that it was no news…

Now about the main subject. The speakers that I linked in the post above are by Silbatone Acoustics. This kind of see another perspective at whaler I was guessing. If it was by Silbatone  then it is very likely that Silbatone  did not “invented” of designed anything but copy some kind of Western Electric design.  The multicell without the curve and the wings around the bass horn and the Pinocchio tweeter did remind me WE. I do not remember all of those WE numbers but  I am sure that if anyone would go over WE catalog then they find a direct correlation between what Silbatone presented and what WE did. IN fact I think it is a pure replica but I do not know WE too much to judge. The only exception would be is that I do not think that WE would put a tweeter in their speakers. At that that time the requirement for Sound was VERY LOW and WE would not add tweeter as they most likely felt that MF multicell above is enough.

I do not know if Silbatone made own replica of WE drivers or they just used driver from own collection. If they made own drivers inspired of even copied from WE then it might be a commendable efforts. If they just brought WE speaker from this collection then it is boring from the perspective of horn awareness and has only interests from the perspective of the Sound that Silbatone will be able to demonstrate. This it is the SEC ad-hog room I would not expect a lot….

If wonder, if it not the Silbatone speakers but WE then why Silbatone brought this system to CES. They do not have any US exposure and then only their presence in US is their US pimp (Joe Roberts) who is running across the audio forums like a wounded in ass antelope and trying to convert the WE paranoia that he created in past into a marketing noise around  Silbatone.  I am not sure what the Silbatone objectives in all of it.  If they are doing it for “fun” then good for them, overcome to the club, why they spent time and money to get somebody attention? If they are looking some kind of parley to world and US market then they need to realize that Joe Roberts blabbering is able to impress a few deranged individuals who are fingering wives by a polled copy of Sound Practices magazine.  They people are not marketing market and shall not be aim of Silbatone attention. Anyhow, this is all another subject and it has nothing to do with actually horn or Sound.

The  Cat

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