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Post Subject: If not they, then who?Posted by Romy the Cat on: 12/26/2010


sure we all know that exist crewless manufactures. Avant-Garde  is one of the examples. As far as I know, or as it use to be, they outsource all development and the core company itself is unfortunately are very accidental in audio people. Sure, not all manufactures are able, because of multiple reasons, to organize a proper demonstration of their products. Still, a person/company still not necessary shall demonstrate good Sound. I personally would rather do not witness proper Sound but rather I would like to see a person who by organizing his tailored playback and demonstration in certain way would be able to make a point, or to bring a testimony about what s/he is willing to express by the virtue of a given product.  If you visit me and ask me to make you familiar with specifics performing aspects of met say my A/D converter or one of the Macondo channels then I would know how to demonstrate my playback in order to indicate what I consider is the most valuable in the selected  A/D converter or Macondo channel. I assure that most of the manufactures have similar sentiments.

Yes, it is very possible that that point or a performing aspect that a proverbial manufacture is willing to demonstrate you find invalid or not important for you. This is perfectly fine – here is where the balance of reference points takes place. I remember I was invited in a home of my local Boston amplifier manufacturer. He informed me that he makes unique SS amps. I did stop by and I heard it. After I heard it and explained him about his amps sound he literally tossed me out of his house. I think that this is normal and we did not waste time on each other. The important part was however that turned me off was not how the amp sound but the maker objectives that I found absolutely childish.

The point I am trying to make is that in manufactures hands products might be in condition to be able to expose this best characteristics.  That is why I feel that per capita, among all groups the manufactures most likely have the best demonstrable sonic result. If not they, then who?

The Cat

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