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Post Subject: Stravinsky as a great piano composer?Posted by Romy the Cat on: 12/25/2010

I am not so wild about Stravinsky  as piano composer. His is OK, but no Liszt and no Rachmaninoff. His sonatas and etudes are not so exiting in my view, Concerto for Piano and Wind Instruments is boring and his piano version of Petrushka is “not there”, I actually do not care too much about orchestral Petrushka as well.

Today I was cleaning my hard drives on my DAW – I had 120G of off air recordings that I did not listen and I come across a phenomenal work that I did not paid attantion before. It was sometime in 2009, Peter Serkin played it with BSO under button of Ludovic Morlot, the BSO assistant conductor at that time. The work was Stravinsky capriccio for piano & orchestra.

The work is kind of a bit jazzy to my taste but the way how Stravinsky  orchestrated it is a pure brilliance. The way how pianos talks with other instruments and orchestral sections is insufferable beautiful.  It is shame that Stravinsky  did not write a full blown piano concerto.

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