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Post Subject: Macondo new Frame 2011Posted by Romy the Cat on: 12/23/2010

Back in the thread “Adding one more non-spherical to Macondo” (linked) I was bitching that t make accommodations for the new Multicell in the Macondo frame will be too difficult. However, I had a revelation two days ago. I spoke with my machinist about it, described the changes, the difficulties to bring the frame to him and the difficulties to come up with a proper design ides how to mount the horn. Then my machinist told me something that absolutely shocked me as it one more time informed me that I am inertia driven idiot.  He told me: “Why you need to pay me a few hundred dollars and to breaks your head how to make all those harnesses if you can but own welding machine for even less money then you will pay to me and do all that you need yours at home.”

I honestly go absolutely shocked with it. All my live living in City such a luxury as own welding machine was absolutely out question but now I am a suburban asshole with a dedicated 870 sq feet working shop in basements. How come that I forgot it?!!! Of cause I will buy a welding toll and will do it myself, I juts need to find out how welding progressed in US since I welded last time 25 years back. I was looking and I saw a lot of wonderful MIG welders, including gasless, so it is so simple after all.

Yes, I will buy some kind of own welding too and I will do what I need with the frame. I have so many little things that I would like to do with Macondo frame, equipment stand and even with Milqs stand but I never did it.

With my own welding all those projects would be very simple to render. I have next doe to me a metal shop that cut any profile of any metal I wish. What a great discovery! Of cause I will tweak the Macondo Frame now!

Rgs, Romy the Cat

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