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Post Subject: Why David Robertson does not record more?Posted by Romy the Cat on: 12/13/2010

The current musical director of Saint Louis Symphony Orchestra David Robertson is long subject of my interest and admiration. Some of the live “bootleg” recording of him I have are truly stunning.

Still, there is not a lot of David Robertson’s publicly available recordings out there and whatever is there is kind off “off the bitten path” recordings. I am listening now David Robertson leads New York Philharmonic with Dvorak's Cello Concerto played by German Jan Vogler. One can argue about the performance, no one argue that the hands had to be cut off to the individuals who recorded the CD but no one argue that the orchestras  lead by David Robertson sound differently then what usually expected.

David Robertson has a tendency to make phases kind of explicit and even if they are “wrong” phases (which are arguable) then they are not accidental phases but well-defined statements of musical semantics. I would love David Robertson to record more but he for whatever reasons does not do it. Very very unfortunate….

The Cat

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