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Post Subject: Chicken vs. eggs in analog…Posted by Romy the Cat on: 12/9/2010

 analog10 wrote:
Hello, this is my first post here - this is a wonderful web site, critical and fair  - a lot of knowledge here and i consider you real connoiseurs - that's why  i'm hoping to resolve my problem here.

I have a Micro Seiki SX-111FVL - the big L one, air pump, the works ( ).  Now i'm trying to fit it with a good 12" tonearm and there are 2 finalists on my list - IKEDA 407 ( an updated version of FR66 ) and SME-3012R.      I like the Ikeda more.

Then, let's say i'll go with IKEDA 407 - i was looking at Ikeda 9REX cartridge - but " Ikeda 9rex is cantilever-less - According to Ikeda san, if metal core and cantilever are used, very precise element and fine details of the sound spectrum will be absorbed and killed by metal core and cantilever. Frankly speaking, Ikeda cartridges may be too precise to many. LP must be always kept at very good and clean condition before playback because Ikeda cartridges will pick up small scratch, dust and stain more audibly than other branded cartridges. Also you have to replace the entire cartridge in case of a damaged stylus " - so i'll exclude Ikeda Cartridge.

The next finalists - SHELTER 901/90x/7 or 9000  vs. Koetsu vs Denon.

My question is - can you advice about a good tonearm/cartridge combo out of those mentioned above ? My phono stage is Accuphase C-27 -

Thank you for reading.

analog10, a few things you need to consider.

Mocros like this were made to use foe Micro arms were from 9” to 10.7”.  The 12” arm might need some “special actions” to be installed.

I am not well familiar with IKEDA arm. I had for very short time the FR64 but I did not get the arm. From what I understand the FR arms were meant to be used with different type of cartridges: reaction from needles damped in cantilever vs. the reaction propagated back to the arm pivot point. I do not think that it all truly matter even thought there are people who would say that it is.

With cartridges is more complicated. I personally do not like Denons and Koetsus – they both were well criticizes from this site. People tell that older Koetsu Rosewood were fine – perhaps – I did not have it. The Shelter that I dad was 901 model, I like it but it was 10 years ago. For the 10 years Shelter got a lot of popularity and it is possible that now they produce very different and much worst products, perhaps worse or perhaps better – I was not able to figure out as the Shelter distributor is an idiot.

analog10, I hope you understand that for me a perches of anything is audio is an opportunity to insult a new group of people, thankfully they are highly insultable. If I f ace a need to buy arm and cartridge then I would probably buy an arm based upon a reputation and functionality and then cartridge based upon Sound. In my view to buy a pair of arm and cartridge is a bit dangers as you will always might become a subordinate of someone inclination.

I tend do not talk with arm producers about Sound. First of all whoever knew anything about it is already dead. Whoever alive, make arm and try to talk about sound I always ask what acoustic system they use under 50Hz. After they replay I usually wish them to die…

Do not anticipate that anybody at this site will tell you what to buy. The purpose of this site is to question confidence not to reassure ignorance. I wish I have better advise but I do not. If you do get anything then post your observation…

The Cat

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