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Post Subject: My badPosted by oxric on: 12/9/2010
 jessie.dazzle wrote:
I realize this is off topic, but I would like to address the issue:

Rackish wrote:
"...Recently I asked someone who contributes regularly on your forum and has a system 'similar' to yours to come and listen to his system. He did not answer. I feel embarrassed to have asked..."
Hmm, I think you're in Europe and we did correspond a while ago, so it sounds like that person might be me...
Though our correspondence was centered on another subject, I decided to go back and check it out; I see that you did mention that you'd like to hear my system and I see that I did not respond to that comment. I do apologize, it was not intentional; I simply concentrated on answering the main part of your message. No need to feel embarrassed; I like having people hear my system. I used to do it regularly (mostly with local, non-audio people) and plan to continue this practice as soon as I can get the system eating its carrots and peas again. 


Hi Jessie:

I actually knew you were planning to move back to the US and in all honesty, I realised that moving being as maddeningly frustrating and stressful to organise as it always is, you might not be able to accomodate my hopefully polite suggestion. There are however few (let's say no-one apart from Romy) who makes use of a 40Hz horn with Vitavox AK151 alongside S2s, and I thought that opportunity might not materialise once you had left. I was childishly peeved by your non-response and hence the inappropriate comment above. So I do apologise.

As it happens, I picked up my S2 drivers from someone in Paris and thought it would be very fitting if I got to hear the very system I was curious about in the city where I (mis)spent several holidays in the days of my delinquent youth...

In addition, I really was thinking more about those contributors/participants like JMLC and others who were prepared to travel fairly long distances, some of them carrying their horn gear, to make such an event happen. Hopefully that will put the right perspective on my comment.

It is a shame you are leaving though as I feel there was a lot in terms of your horn building techniques I would have liked to understand better. I am starting out by hopefully building some tractrix horns for my S2 and would have sought some advice/help given that you made yours not a long time ago. 

Again, slightly off topic, but I do feel that there is something at the moment in France and Germany which would qualify as a horn movement. Maybe you might want to comment on this in the thread Romy initiated about countries which can be said to be carrying 'the flame' of the horn world. As I said, I have started making enquiries, and talking to people but I am sure I have only scratched the surface of something considerably more substantial. For my part, I feel my input can only be limited by my lack of exposure but will comment once I have got some of my varied strands of thoughts on the subject together.

Thanks for the invite in due course. I sure will look forward to it whether it be in Paris or in Detroit!


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