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Post Subject: Festival as in festivePosted by oxric on: 12/8/2010
Well Romy:

The format is what it is. And the idea is to encourage people to join in, share experiences, maybe be festive at this time of year...

I am not here to fly to the defense of the organisers of the festival although I certainly find it interesting to be able to look at the measurements of the drivers and what people generally thought about them. The main problem is one of logistics I imagine. Most people who actually took their drivers and horns there travelled by car/plane and unless you hire a van, loading two sets of drivers/horns alongside luggage might be just too much to ask.  With regard to having just one or a number of 'good' systems, and teach people about sound, that is to presume one person knows more about sound than others, and I am sure many would shy from making such a claim...In any case, there are shows where systems are shown, but this was not the case here.

I have no affiliation to the organisers and have never attended any of these 'festivals' but imagine at some point, I might be interested in attending.There seems to be more of a movement in France and Germany to fill in the intellectual vacuum in audio that's the unfortunate result of the state of the 'high-end' everywhere in the world. It seems to be devoid of the heavy posturing that one finds in certain circles. Having said this, I have come across some french forums where the arguments seem to be as long-winded and vacuous as the best you will find on Audiogon, audioasylum, pinkfishmedia, DIYaudio etc...

What I do like is getting to meet people who can share their experiences, chat over a beer (or a glass of wine) and know that the opinions/ideas being expressed are not conditioned by commercial interests which is a spoiler of everything worthwhile in our hobby. Recently I asked someone who contributes regularly on your forum and has a system 'similar' to yours to come and listen to his system. He did not answer. I feel embarrassed to have asked. Here on the other hand, we have people who are prepared to travel long distances to share. Even if it is a 'shadow' of their systems, and a flawed one at that, there is more good that will come out of this in my mind than the isolated expert who remains in his ivory tower and will not mix with the common people. So I take my hat off to the organisers...misguided and methodologically clueless as they might have been. I should of course say that your own website is even more of a monumental effort and of even greater service to those who either want to merely copy your successes or search for their own ideal sound.

Kind regards

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