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Post Subject: JMLC comments on S2 in Stereolab Tractrix hornPosted by oxric on: 12/7/2010

Thankfully, JMLC chose to use english  as the common language for he event, not altogether surprising given the many nationalities that probably attended.

JMLC writes:

"N°13 : Stereolab tractrix horn + Vitavox S2 driver

A bell shape frequency response curve with a smooth slope between 2300Hz and

15kHz (easy to equalize). Low distortion (only H2 and H3 components are visible in the

condition of the measurement). Very low H3 level. Some rise of H2 and H3 below 500Hz

seemingly indicating an Fs of the driver around 320Hz.

A very smooth group delay curve but with a bump between 1kHz and 3kHz (related to

some .7ms early reflection/diffraction seen on the spectrogram, probably due to the part

between diaphragm and throat of the horn) .

Clean frequency response . Some reflected energy from mouth to throat due to the

unbaffled truncated mouth of that small horn."

One may question the methodology but there must be some admiration for those involved who organised such a complex and time-consuming event. Is France and Germany the true keepers of the horn flame then, aside from that beam of incandescent light from across the pond?


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