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Post Subject: Yes and no, JohnPosted by Romy the Cat on: 10/3/2005

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 JLH wrote:
Other than being completely ridiculous in appearance, this guy didn’t even bother to time align any of the drivers.

This exactly what is the most fun in that system! Sometime people do not do the time alignment because it is too complex or sometime even imposable. Then they say: “well it is too hard” and agree to live with time screwed playback. In the case of this Baba-Yoga system, where the short upper-bass horn-appendix is used and a tweeter has a very narrow radiation pattern the time alignment would be very-very simple to accomplish and the only reason why the person did not go for this because presumably his typical idiots-consultants from Audiogon or Audio Asylum suggested him do not worry about it. Well, probably they were correct: driving this thing with PA 500W Crown Class “D” amplifier while playing Deep Purple or the “HP’s Recommended White Noise"…. why the hell you would worry about the time alignment….!?

 JLH wrote:
The so called midbass horn has no dampening to speak of either.

I would disagree with you, John. I do not think that this midbass horn requires any further dampening. I do not know who built them but it look like the horn use at 15” driver with a relatively large throat. Look at the size of that back chamber! I do not know how large internally it is but if the cut-off of this thing somewhere around 100Hz then the in order to squeeze the 15-incher to near 100Hx resonance if would need very-very minute back chamber. So, what they did apparently was use a very large input hole (I would estimate 10”-12”). Consequently they did not really use the horns EQ to load their midbass driver. This thing most likely runs down to 170Hz horn loaded and below the driver operates as a mass-driven direct radiator. So, the lower octave of those horns as not horn-coupled and therefore those horns do not really need any extensive dampening. The highest frequencies of the midbass horn do not have much “mass” and therefore the 50-60 pound they have now in that horn’s leaves might be enough.

Yet, the visual beauty of this installation defeats anything I’ve ever seen. I think if the person voluntary and deliberately make the playback to looks this way then he already do not need any phase tuning. And, yes he did! He did, make the ugliness deliberately, as lifting up those horns on the chicken leg he lost ~10dB but his Audiogon’s idiots presumably told him that he needs some spikes in there made from peace of the wood form the Christ Cross…  

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