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Post Subject: Exactly zero I suspect. . .Posted by scooter on: 11/15/2010
 Romy the Cat wrote:

Scooter, I wonder how many people among those who propose those modifications do understand what they deal with when we are taking about a more or less properly reproduced sub 30Hz signal. It sounds like arrogant comment, not that I am not arrogant but still I do not think that the LF performance of devises was ever properly assessed. How many people use the sub 30Hz capable sections? How many people properly use them? I assure you that it would be very small minority of the folks…

I don't think the comment is arrogant at all and would assume that exactly zero people doing these modifications have reasonable notions of ULF. Moving up the fq ladder, I also would be concerned that most of these people seem to be running the DCX at full-range.

That said, the stock DCX has so many problems out of the gate that a DCX w/ an improved output stage likely performs better and the french have what appear to be an OK and easy to plug in solution for a few of the major issues. Of course, the problem is that the modified DCX can be no better than far from optimal.

You seem to be stuck with DSP for ULF, so this is one of the options you are stuck with unless you decide to jump into the DIY movement.

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