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Post Subject: Very small minority of the folks…Posted by Romy the Cat on: 11/15/2010
 scooter wrote:
I don't know about the SMS but a few people have tried to clean up the Behringer DCX. I pulled all digital correction out of my system before investigating further but found some interesting mods to the output stage during investigation last year. Of course these mods can't address some of the fundamental issues of DSP but I thought they were worth documenting for anyone with a very specific need for DSP:

*French DIY parts or their assembly of output stage, clock module, power supply... (more pictures and docs in french):

*French summary of some DCX problems (some solutions sold above)

*Netherlands parts (click DIY on left menu)

* Just 300 pages discussing these mods (I think the "oettle mod" is sold in the french site but don't remember)

* Yahoo
Scooter, I wonder how many people among those who propose those modifications do understand what they deal with when we are taking about a more or less properly reproduced sub 30Hz signal. It sounds like arrogant comment, not that I am not arrogant but still I do not think that the LF performance of devises was ever properly assessed. How many people use the sub 30Hz capable sections? How many people properly use them? I assure you that it would be very small minority of the folks…

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