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Post Subject: I think I have found the problem with my ULFPosted by Romy the Cat on: 11/15/2010
 jessie.dazzle wrote:
In this case, below 50Hz, I think el`Ol is right to suggest that you consider using DSP as a permanent solution. The SMS 1 is in theory the silver bullet... You just need to find out if you can live with it long-term.
Best way to find out...
Place your ULF drivers all together in an area of your choosing, then spend some real time with the SMS 1 dialing out the problem. Use the defeat function on the remote (I think its preset N° 6 by default) to decide how much destructive effect you are able to detect as a result of its intervention.
For now, you are using a bunch of 10" drivers (old mid-bass arrays) to produce sound below that of the 15" drivers in your mid-bass horns... It can be done, but it ain't natural and will certainly be calling on the SMS 1 to do more than if working with real ULF channels using drivers larger than those in the mid-bass horns. This means that when you evaluate the destructive effects while using the 10" drivers, you are likely witnessing a sort of worst case scenario.

I disagree that using a bunch of 10" drivers is some kind of compromised in way.  The six 10” drivers give me a surface of 2.3 18” drivers. Do you have anything against of a pair of 18” drivers the have no problem that a topical 18” do? Well, it is not so simple. An array of light 10” drivers do have own advantages and they also have own disadvantages against a large drivers.  I use foe now what I have enclosures for and my problem not is not with the fact that I use wrong topology of ULF channel.

Last night I have a lot of fun doing a lot of listening. I peaty much spent entire evening just spinning the Cds. I practically did not touch the Macondo – it was as very good and the Macondo configuration is locked.   I was juts playing music and sometime did some this with ULF, trying to see how it works. Macondo in the new room has some differences in performance, so it was interesting to see how it all goes. BTW, the room treatment is done in new kinky way and I absolutely love it sonically and esthetically.

Observing everything I concluded that I found the problem I had with my ULF channels. It is not about the topology or the woofers location but rather about my head - the wrong expectation that I have about the ULF. I need to re-think my ULF. The midbass horn is keep breaking-in and it sound better and better each week. The decay it has is like nothing else that I was accustomed; add to it the uniqueness of my sealing radiation. To supplement this 42Hz horn with properly performing ULF channels require some senses that I did not develop yet. I am getting to this realization but I am not there yet. The 42Hz horn is very self-sufficient and ULF is not necessary. Very few would believe that it is just 42Hz as it feels hugely low and hugely large. Also, it is properly calibrated and it does not flood the room with bass – it stop where it need to be stopped. Playing Jazz and Blues (I have some it) there is absolutely no need for ULF. Playing Classical I do feel a need for ULF and not, what the midbass is all done and operate as it is the new expectation for ULF arise.

To setting the ULF propel is a subject of self-moderation as I would like do not affect the midbass in any ways. I think it will be higher than 2 orders and I think it will be a transition slope. The DSP crossovering do help a lot but I do not plan to use any parametric EQ. the 30Hz with 4th order and on the slope, has no music under the bottom to EQ. It just adds a bit weight for that very bottom of the “ohhhh”, it is not auditable with 90% of music but it give some sort of “softness altogether”. This balance between softness and the weight is something that I need to learn to balance.
Meanwhile if I use the SMS then I need a second one and I do not know a save way to mix the channels. I would also need to learn how to open the SMS – at this point I was not able to do it.

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