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Post Subject: TransformersPosted by Cosmos on: 11/14/2010

Dear Romy,

Obviously it is impossible to convince you upon the frequency response of our transformers and in any case that is fine with me since everybody is entitled to its own assumptions and opinions and this is not bad at all, on the contrary, I love different opinions.

However, let me illustrate some very-very basic and obvious knowledge-strategies that we used for these transformers, not at all kinky but sometimes forgotten (some times intentionally).

In low rp tubes and especially as low as 6C33 which is sub 100Ohms, our design is intentionally targeting on decreasing leakage inductance in expense of increased inter-winding capacitance.

Specifically, our output transformers may well have several nano-farads of inter-winding capacitance but the leakage inductance is only 1,5mH.

The above, in conjunction with ultra low 6C33(sub 100ohm) plate resistance, allows a transformer construction with -3db at more than 100KHz. Thing which is completely impossible to accomplish with almost any other tube, even with 300B (with a lowish 800ohm rp), no matter how well the transformer is calculated and executed.

The only viable possibility to construct a transformer for 300B with 100KHz + response is to make the transformer so small that the bass will be almost absent.

Of course your ideal implementation of DSET is capable of producing even more impressive results, but unfortunately this is not a design to be used for general commercial use.

My Best Regards,

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