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Post Subject: The interesting momentPosted by Romy the Cat on: 11/12/2010
 Wojtek wrote:
and the forum which has already perfectly developed herd behaviour is most appropriate one. Yeah, I worded the post in a wrong way (as usual) If you're in a position which allows you to have intimate experience with most Mass TT's on market via XS800 you can speak with authority otherwise  it's all speculation. It doesn't matter that most of mass TT maufacturers may be a clueless morons (which mostly probably they are) and can't explain their sometimes accidentaly good results -I know ,I asked a few of them

I have no idea what is your beef with one or other TT and frankly speaking I am not sure what you would like to say. The XS800 is fine TT, the cost per performance it is probably unspeakable bargain. I bought my in 2000 for $2.800 shipped (I have RX5000 before) and I feel it was very fine deal. Sure, if the Morons like me would keep the mouths shot then the Micro still will be sold today for nothing. Still, even looking at the today prices I think the large Micros, if to look the costs per performance, are still the unbelievable bargain.

I do not try to advocate Micros or any other TTs. Probably I shall as I have one for sale but money motivate me very little. There is a very interesting moment in all of it that I think you are missing behind your intention to  try to say something semi-mean.

The interesting moment is that nowadays no one but TT because the evaluated performance. What I was buy my Micros I used the reputation and projected result from my familiarity with my smaller Micros. I know a number of people who over the last 10 year bough good TTs and NONE of them did it because they got the personal reference of better performance of these TTs. It is practically impossible nowadays to try any TT properly and to make any sensible concussions, so people use rumors, common sense, examination of design idea, and many other irrelevant assessments in order to foresee how a given TT would sound. It is very sad but it is what it.

If you know Michelle Framer, the idiot-reviewer that took a lot of heat at this site is showing off to the Morons the CD that he record from different TTs. With all idiocy of the approach the motivation that he has is very correct – to give an option for some objectivism in TT evaluations. Unfortunately in his implementation it happen to be as ridicules as making a wolf to guard a flock of sheep….
The Moral of the story is that with all foolishnes of paying attention to TT gossip on-line, what other option people have? If you have 20-30K and you are willing to get an expensive TT then would you do? You have no access to the pool of TTs and even if you do then it is unspeakably difficult to properly evaluate the Sound of TT.

Rgs, the Cat

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