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Post Subject: After the Gold Rush... Another Kind of SuccessPosted by Paul S on: 11/11/2010

After another couple of weeks in X/O Hell, I think I at least have the notches where I want them.  Yes, I added another notch filter, because the Lowther response is so ragged that using a simpler curve results in bringing down frequencies I need to leave alone.  I also used Martin King's response curve and impedance plots as a basis this time, so attenuation levels are better, as well.  This time I also tried to correct a baffle step attenuation from last time, and that worked perhaps a little too well, with the low end (amazingly...) PERHAPS a trifle too loud.

All in all, the DEBZXs do sound much better with my now rather complex X/Os than they did with the stock X/Os.  Again, these X/Os and filters mitigate response level anomalies but they do not correct mechanical and electrical problems of the drivers, including the Lowther.  However, like I have said many times before, I can no longer listen at all to the "raw" Lowther, so if only in this sense the experiment is a success.

I am currently weighing the WAF of spending even more time on this, to take out the LCR resistors and sub in some pots that will give me a range of resistance, so I can play with this stuff a little more without having to R&R resistors every time I want to fiddle with it.

The DEBZ speakers now make a HUGE, rich soundfield, and the limiting factors are the drivers, themselves.  I am also attempting to address these more fundamental issues, but "progress" as such does not so far warrent further mention of this gambit.

Paul S

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