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Post Subject: The game will be over... soon.Posted by Romy the Cat on: 9/15/2004

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I am sorry for this mischievous teasing but at this point I would like to leave it as it: as the mischievous teasing. The entire project is not over yet: we still evaluating some optimum EQ aspects and screen supplies to make this phonostage being THE absolute statement phonostage (hate to say cliché that I heard them all but I did). However, even with the outcome “as is”, the preliminary results are quite impressive: 64dB gain with only two stages with no noise (I do not go into numbers but it is quieter then same of my –88dB signal/noise phonocorrectors). Some merely sonic qualities, and particularly when we introduce to this baby the air caps, made this phonostage insultingly good. Sure, with high impedance transmission lines have no R-termination and the dielectric of caps IS THE terminator, therefore in this scenario the air caps work extra-distinctively beneficial. I am not particularly good and have interest in theories and no one knows how those theories relate to the auditable results but I feel that something we do correct in here, at least we are on a beneficial direction. Stand by, if we end up with the result that I pursue (we are not there yet) then I will make an announcement that the game is over.

Romy the Cat

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