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Post Subject: Re: Playback evaluations made easy.Posted by clarkjohnsen on: 9/27/2005

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Guy writes:

"I've met musicians who understand music to a far greater degree than (I suspect) you or I ever would. I wouldn't however necessarily trust their judgement on matters relating to good playback."

Often have I said, musicians are usually the worst judges of recorded sound. They get caught up in trivia such as rhythm, pacing, phrasing, expression etc.

"May I also withdraw any positive comments I've ever made regarding the competence of audio manufacturers. Having just visited the London show (with one or two exceptions) this was the worst array of overpriced under achieving garbage I've ever seen/heard gathered in one place."
Can't judge anything or anyone by show conditions. Even if something *does* manage to sound fairly good, it's only by comparison!


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