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Post Subject: How to compare the result of the recordings?Posted by Romy the Cat on: 11/2/2010
Very good idea, I like it. I had the similar idea but liseniing you I think I come up with better then I had beforeĀ idea how to compare the results. This is not so simple question.

I am sure one can just listening the samples but I think this is what I do not want to do this time but I would rather have objective evidence. I might get two digital files made as you proposeed and then to built from them a 3D spectrum analyses.


I can change the viewing angle in the 3D spectrum analyses and to perform analyses dedicated over any bandwidth. This is very indicative tool and it will show all difference, it is what I most like will be doing. Again, I like this approach.

My own idea how to do detect the auburn pressure was similar but different. I was thinking to record two dual mono samples as you proposed and then run them to a scope. Right and left channels with a dual channel scope with viewing subtraction one from another will essentially visualize antiscating. So, my presumption was that airborne pressure will blow antiscating and rock the tonearm that shall be viewable on the scope.

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