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Post Subject: Regulator?Posted by Cosmos on: 10/27/2010
My Dear friend Romy,

Indeed it took me a very long time to decide upon regulate or not. I ended up with regulation option to save some chassis space and weight, otherwise I would need at least 10 kilos more and 30% bigger space that would make the whole amp impossible to move and redicoulously big for a 15 watter. On the other hand regulation is good for a commercial machine since its easier to live with less adjustments for the final user, moreover the sound of the regulator is very similar with slightly better detail and bass, however chokes provide slightly easier and softer sound to my ears, but there are times you got to make some choices and regulator was mine.

I really like your prototype approach on biasing your driver but have not test it, so I cannot comment but I will take your words that it is excellent, however this is your patent and I would never mess with somebody elses mental property, though I will test it at some point and let you know my views.

You are absolutely right on frequency response method of testing and I will correct my site asap, however that was not at all intentionally as expalined in my previous post. On the other hand my measurements are correct and really do not understand why you do not believe these, just for your information my equipment is recently calibrated and are the following, tektronix SG502 signal generator, HP3478A, Fluke 8840A, Fluke 8060A, HP400H, tektronix D15 and 561A, these are used for measurement of frequency and Vrms and also EMU0202 as spectrum analyzer. Note also that the load used for these measurements is a 50W 8ohm power resistor. If you would like me to measure something else please be my guest. I really do not get why you are saying that the response you are getting is only 20-22KHz, maybe your output transformers are not up to the task? Maybe I can help you on that.

Thanks again, my best regards,


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