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Post Subject: You use wrong methodological logicPosted by Romy the Cat on: 10/25/2010

 Ciampa wrote:
I can take the chance of hving yr advise, wd ask about possible improvement in using a vibraplane under both motor and platter. Time being
the motor is on 4 Audio Technica feet AT605 and the platter on 4 graphite blocks and the result is quite good.

you use a wrong logic trying to solicit advice about Vibraplan. You need to read my site more, starting from this:

The point that I am trying to make is that improvements are not abstract commodity but answers to your very specific frustrations. What specific problem you have with Sound and in what direction you would like to take it? Only after you define it for yourself than, and ONLY then, you might question if Vibraplan, or any other platform support devise would do it for you. Any other solicitation of advise is asking a water in a restaurant if the food any good in here. These logic does woks well only if you have no specific excitations in sound or in food….

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