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Post Subject: The Greek’s Praxis double-stager.Posted by Romy the Cat on: 10/25/2010

It is nice to see the de-centresation of audio manufacturing. Formerly US, UK, Germany, France, a few Scandinavians and off the wall Japanese were making high-end audio.  Today the lead positions in interesting high-end audio have moved to Poland, Bulgaria, Korea, Greece, Lithuania and few other countries that 10 years ago were not big on the world hi-fi map. That is very good. I can talk a lot about the reasons but I am sure that not the last of the reasons that English-writing audio publications idiots who have been fucking up public audio intellect for years, did not yet learn nether Bulgaria nor Lithuanian…

Anyhow, here is another interesting product from Greece.  The company Cosmos audio Labs and they have 2-stage SET with “my” 6C33C.

A pleasant design and a present implementation. I have no idea what another 6C33C does in the back of the amp – is it a regulator for PS or what? The description does not say anything about it. The driver is 7721. This is very good tube, I used it in output of my phonocorrector. I am not sure if I like it as a driver for two-stage amp. The 7721 has very little power but the 6C33C would like to be pushed very hard. If someone from Greece then pitch to the Cosmos people my 6E6P, it is the same pins, practically the same gain but it would run 8W as a driver. I think that 15W that they specify are mostly restricted by clipping of the driver stage – I am sure they might use more current on the driver.

Sure it turns me off that they provide Frequency Response not at full power – to me this is an indication of evil-minded stupidity. Still, I would like to hear the amp and to learn more about the design. If it will be distributed in US then let me know.

Romy The Cat

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