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Post Subject: The Federated Mike becomes a Sound expert.Posted by Romy the Cat on: 10/20/2010

There is a quy somewhere in the hole between Boson and California. He runs Audiofederation site, sells audio gear, is trying to make waves and to catch in the waves a damn customer who would buy audio gear from him. He also use make good pictures from audio shows. Apparently there was a new audio show – sort of white trash concentration camp in Midwest and the Federated Mike published his observations. The one that I found worth reding:

I will leave aside the Federated Mike expertise, integrity and rational. I think that his expertise, integrity and rational all worth shit as Mike successfully sell him Kharma line and Marten Design line that deliver conceptually absolutely identical sound to Magico, the Magico that Mike declared as “not good”. Let leave the Federated Mike’s rational aside. Mike is an industry pimp and those people have any opinion ONLY if it is profitable foe them.  If Mike desired to open his month and to bitch about other brands then the busyness of selling Kharmas is truly on the red. What however is remarkable the fact the all those idiots who sing nowadays the odes to Magico are absolutely the same idiots who 7 years back experienced their primitive orgasm from the Kharma’s sound.

With all my hate of ether Kharma’s sound or Magico sound (I disgust Kharma’s sound and I disgust Magico’ sound AND people) I need to admit that there is a huge educational value in Kharma/Magico sound. Understanding how Kharma/Magico sound and what bathe of the companies stress as saleable point in their sound give a key for understanding the entire progress in Hi-Fi for the last 10 years. The Kharma/Magico sound is a template, a blueprint that is being sold by idiotic audio press to ignorant audio public as “good sound”. The damage is very aggressive in my view and not by the fact that people buy bad loudspeakers.  If people are idiots then they perfectly deserve to get idiotic sound that is made by idiots and for idiots. The damage is aggressive because the associative ingredients of the entire sound/music distribution chain target to this presold sound and THIS is very very bad.

The Cat

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