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Post Subject: What is the difference between the cartridges?Posted by Romy the Cat on: 9/12/2004

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I made an experiment a few weeks ago. I took 5 cartridges that I know very well and that have thier distinctive “signature” sound signatures. I loaded my corrector into my 49K 1/12Octave, 0.25dB resolution Real-Time Spectral Analyzer and ran the inverted RIAA sweeps on the each cartridge (the phonocorrector with inverted RIAA has flat response within 0.25dB). Most of the cartridges (all of them properly loaded and with own arms having resonanses around 9Hz) produced in some way rollercoaster response, sometimes with 2-3dB jumps. What was interesting, was that the deviations of response patterns were exactly what I would anticipate by describing the subjective quality of the cartridges. All those adjectives that I would use to deferent the different models of Denons form Koetsus from Shelters from Grados and so on… were just the minute fluctuations of response… Certainly they all have many more differents then just tonal differents but still… Invigoration, isn’t it?

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