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Post Subject: Re: Martin-Logan, Myles Astor and the Silent Running Stupidity.Posted by clarkjohnsen on: 9/19/2005
"It is commonly known that practically all resonance problems with any equipment could be resolved, compensated or tuned by the relatively small supporting platforms of COMPARATIVE SIZE AND MASS to the size and mass of the component itself." Hmm...

Well, OK... I can go for "compensated or tuned", but NOT for "resolved". 

And what about some mass on top of a unit?

Or deadening of the case on its sides?

The primary fault of this entire logic is shared by many others along with Romy: The worst vibrations, resonant or otherwise, are neither self-induced nor acoustically induced, rather they are seismic in nature and come from that bitch Mutha Earth.

Protecting against those is the main purpose of platforms, and also the reason most stands fail: They link us to the source, rather than isolating us.

The best stands provide a solid framework for isolation devices to do their job.


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